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June 13 2007


Location: Interpretive Centre

Time 7:30 pm


Doug Ibbitson, Mike Saul , Gary Carder, Gary Lomax, Tim Giandomenico, Ron Wedman, Tom Brighouse,
Ed Dahl.

Adoption of mintues:

The minutes of May 9 were adopted as e-mailed

Treasurer's report:

The treasurer's report was accepted and the budget for the rest of the year discussed.
Tim moved and Gary Carder seconded that we continue to employ John MacVicar until the end of August 2007 (barring unforeseen emergency) for three days a week, two in the Centre and one for maintenance duties. Carried.


Mike is generously donating a spotting scope and binoculars. The board approved a receipt for income tax purposes.


No decision was made as to continuing to encourage new memberships and renewals of lapsed memberships, other than what we are doing at present. A plan is needed particularly for the Corporate memberships. Tom asked Ed for an up to date accurate list of corporate members so that the proper recognition can be made.

Summer student and the Interpretive Centre. Some discussion of replacing lost items and the insurance claim took place. The possibility of a light controlled by a movement sensor and also an interior movement detector alarm were discussed with no decsion made.


Elizabeth will be asked to work on a poster featuring a drawing or photograph of the Interpretive Centre with a perspective drawing of the Marine Park so that visitors and locals will be aware of the Centre's location and offerings.


After Mike moved and Ed seconded the motion, the board approved a letter to the city in favour of preserving the threatened trees west of the Prestige Resort. (Tim Abstained from this vote)

Maintenance. Tom will forward to Gary Lomax the list of volunteers for trail maintenance. Woody Nightshade was mentioned as an unresolved problem. The Eric Christmas plaque had been removed again. Subsequent to the meeting Doug found the plaque in the grass undamaged.

Web site:

Gary Carder offered to make available to D'Arcy his photographs of plants of the foreshore. Subsequent to the meeting D'Arcy had espressed a preference for waiting till the plants had all been named before putting them on the web site.

Web Cam:

Tim outlined the problems with the webcam and outlined the next steps in either having a good presentation for the web or asking for money back. Ron, Tim and Ed will be the sub-committee to deal with the web cam.


Tom and John are working on a design which will be acceptable to the city.


Ron is still working on the new gate design and fabrication.

Summer decisions:

A decision making committee was appointed to deal with society matters till the next meeting in September: Ron Wedman, Tom Rice, Mike Saul and Hanne McKay

Important Brid Area:

The application for being listed aass an Important Bird Area will be sent in or the old one reactivated. The new appplication will be bolstered by a special report from Don Cecile on this shorebird observations.


We hope to have a more modern computer donated by Scott (who is setting up the webcam). At present the only computer is the Windows 98 one bought at a garage sale for twenty dollars. It is adequate for the purpose of showing a programme on the birds of the world and will be kept for that purpose.

Next Meeting:

The next full board meeting will be held at the Interpretive Centre on Wednesday September 5, 2007.

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