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Board Meeting Minutes

Location: Interpretive Centre

Date: Wednesday February 18, 2008, 7:30 pm

Present: Hanne McKay, Mike Saul (treasurer) Ed Dahl, Hank Shelley, Tim Giandomenico, Scott Neuman(guest),Gary Lomax, Gary Carder, Ron Wedman (chair), Tom Brighouse ( secretary) and Councillor Ken Jamieson.

1. A welcome was extended to new council representative Clr. Ken Jamieson

2. The agenda was adopted. Minutes of October 29, 2008 were adopted.

3. Correspondence. The city requested a letter supporting the application for provincial funding for trails. The secretary’s action in sending one was approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report. A balance sheet and income and expense statement as of Dec 31, 2008 were submitted as attached. (TD chequing $5606.51; and Money Market $10,457.66). It was noted that from now on the financial year will coincide with the calendar year. Government approval is awaited. The Summer Student Grant Application was signed at the meeting for submission to Service Canada next day. Moved Mike, seconded Gary Lomax. Approved

5. Brochure funding (Credit Union $1500 and Foundation $1200) will be augmented from society funds to ensure that the new updated brochures are ready by May 2009. Hanne agreed to head a committee to prepare a draft for board approval for the next meeting..

6. Membership . Ed reported that memberships totaled 252 which included 172 individual members. He agreed to acknowledge corporate sponsors by placing signs at each end of trail, outside the Centre and in newspaper ads.

7. Web cam. Scott Neuman gave a report on the forthcoming drive to start to produce revenue for SABNES. Norm Embree would act as an advisor rather than a solicitor of advertising.

8. Trail Improvement. Gary Lomax referred to a document indicating $90,000 was available city-wide for trails some of which may be available for improving the Raven Trail. Liability in case of injury was discussed. The trail west is still being planned. It was reported that there is Federal infrastructure money available for those who are ready to go with a project.(no decision) Gary or Ron will attend next day meeting at city hall at 1:00 pm.

9. Projects: clean toilet (Tom); clear osprey nests (Ron to contact Yves); website updating (Gary Carder ?); buoys (Ron and Bill to see what needs to be done) ; sand areas for turtles (Hanne and young naturalists);control raccoons(no person allocated to this); remove hockey net at Raven en of trail (Hank); Rotary, dog and acknowledgment signs on new gate (Ron).

10. Cassa. Mike referred to a letter from Cassa and it was decided that we would support financially ( or not) as individuals but not as a society.

11. Annual General Meeting. Mike reported that Dick Cannings has committed to being guest speaker at the Art Gallery on Friday, May 29 2009. The board appreciated that the Prestige has agreed to provide a room for him.

12. Date of next board meeting: Wednesday March 18, 2009 at 7:30 pm at the Interpretive Centre.


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