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Board Meeting Minutes

Location: Interpretive Centre

Date: Wednesday March 18, 2008, 7:30 pm

Present: Ron Wedman (chair). Mike Saul (treasurer), Tom Brighouse (secretary), Hanne MacKay, Ed Dahl, D’Arcy McLeod (webmaster), Ken Jamieson (council representative), Gary Lomax, Gary Carder, Joyce Henderson,

1. Adopted Minutes of meeting February 18, 2009:

Moved Mike seconded Gary Lomax. Carried.

2. Correspondence:

Invitation to the fifth annual Fraser Basin Workshop on March 12 and 13. Tom attended Thursday and Ron attended Friday. Oral reports were given on the workshop presentations and tour.

3. Request for representative on the Greenways Liaison Committee. Ken reported that all places have now been filled.

4. Treasurer’s Report:

The student grant application was sent in the day after last meeting. We may know by late April or early May whether we have Federal support for a student to manage the Interpretive Centre this summer. The alternative are organize a full slate of volunteers. This would be advisable for the weekend of the Ducks Unlimited Conference. It was suggested an opening celebration should involve Dick Cannings, if possible early on the Saturday morning before he leaves for home. Cash account stood at $5413.46 and no changes to the Money Market.

Mike reported that the Federal Government has given official approval of the change of financial year and timing of the AGM.

5. Brochure:

Hanne led the group in deciding colours, additions to map and text as well as number of copies to order. After some discussion the annual membership fees will be $15 for an individual and $25 for a family membership. It was decided to put the fee amounts on the membership coupon in the brochure.

6. Membership:

Ed and Mike will work on finalizing the current list of corporate sponsors so that acknowledgment may be properly made.

7. The web:

D’Arcy spoke on his expenditure to renew the domain name for three years (previously agreed to by president, secretary and treasurer). The board concurred. Updating suggestions should go to D. McLeod. Regarding the web cam, because Scott Neuman had unfortunately suffered a broken leg, the advertising campaign was not proceeding as planned. The board sends to Scott its best wishes for a speedy recovery. (

8. Trail Improvement:

Ron and Ken talked about the trail money available in the district and how it might affect the SABNES trail improvement plans. An environmental assessment was the next step.

9. The two osprey nests nearest the Prestige Hotel will be cleared next week to ensure that geese do not take over.

10 Gate signs:

Gary and Ron led a discussion on the signs to be placed on the new Rotary Gate leading to the Wildlife Sanctuary.

11. Various ideas were put forward on ways to better advertise the Centre once staffing was assured. Even before staffing is in place, organizations can phone the secretary at 832-3951 to arrange special openings for groups. The board discussed the possibility of hiring a Chinese speaking student to cater to the two or three busloads of Chinese tourists who stay the night with little in town to entertain them.

12 Buoys:

Ron and Bill Eaton had skied the area to determine work needs. Hanne agreed to cost out some red buoys from commercial outlets. It was agreed that a number of these larger buoys with bleach bottles between should be placed appropriately before the boating season gets into full swing. Tom will seek financial help from the Salmar Community Association.

13. Articles for media:

Tom will try to supply some information to keep the natural values of the waterfront before the public.

14. Student research:

The lecturers at the college should be alerted to the possibilities along the foreshore for student research projects: inventories of everything from mammals, through, reptiles, amphibians, to insects are needed by our society.

15 Turtle hatcheries:

The Young Naturalists are still considering adopting the improvement of turtle habitat as a project.

16. Annual General Meeting is 7:30 Friday May 29 at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery with Outstanding Naturalist, Dick Cannings, as speaker.

17. The board wondered if the cadets would be interested in mapping the extend of noxious weeds as a preliminary project to reducing the areas affected.

Next board meeting: April 15, 2009 at 7:30 at the Interpretive Centre

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