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Board Meeting Minutes

Location: Interpretive Centre

Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Present were: Gary Lomax, Joyce Henderson, Ron Wedman (chair), Tom Brighouse (secretary).

1. Minutes of meeting March 18, 2008 were adopted as e-mailed.

2. Letters of appreciation have been sent to the Shuswap Community Foundation and the Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union, along with a final report and copies of the brochure.

3. Forty students of the French Immersion (Bastion School, grade two and three classes) will require guides on Monday May 25 beginning at 9:45am. Tom will co-ordinate.

4. Treasurer’s Report:

No news yet on the Student Grant Application.

5. A paid ad acknowledging corporate members was placed in the Friday Am. Tom will place appreciation signs at each end of the trail and at the Centre..

6. The Webcam is working and showing nesting ospreys. Advertising is still to be sollicited. (Go to

7. The president modelled one of the eighty new t-shirts. They will be sold for twenty dollars each.

8. Gull report:

Tom Brighouse and Ryon Ready counted 700 gull nests on May 17, all concentrated for some unknown reason this year on the far knoll (NE). Five dead gulls were observed. Previous high counts were over a thousand nests but last year there were only 650 nests including some which eventually were washed out on the breakwater.

9. The Interpretive Centre will be officially opened at 10:00 am on Saturday May 30, 2009. Because this is also the date of the Ducks Unlimited Convention at the Prestige Inn John MacVicar has agreed to be on duty from 10:am to 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, and Joyce agreed to arrange a roster of volunteers to staff the Centre.

10. Tom will apply to the Salmon Community Foundation for a $1200 grant to purchase six new buoys to be positioned by volunteers.

11. Annual General Meeting:

7:30 Friday, May 29 at the Art Gallery in Salmon Arm. Gary will look after setting up seats, Ed Dahl will provide audio/visual equipment for Dick Canning’s slide show and Pam and Mike will probably look after the refreshments. A resolution will be presented that" where an appointing body does not produce an attending member of the board the society may add an elected member to maintain the total count of twelve board members". (At present there are no appointees from the Ministry of Environment and the Chamber of Commerce). A resolution will be made to extend the tenure of elected board members for an extra six months to accommodate the change in the fiscal year and the new date for the AGMs.

12. Ron showed the newsletter which is ready to be distributed Thursday May 21.

13. All members are asked to search for a replacement secretary.

14. Date of next meeting: June 20, 2009

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