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Board Meeting Minutes

Location: Interpretive Centre

Date: Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Introduction of Cameron Bennett, the recently hired Interpretive Centre naturalist/guide/manager (from June to August).

Phone at the Centre is 250-833-9717

Present: Cam Bennett (staff), Ed Dahl, Mike Saul (treas), Hanne McKay, Gary Lomax, Joyce Henderson, Ron Wedman (Pres), and Tom Brighouse (retiring secretary).

1. Agenda:

Several items were added.

2. Minutes:

Minutes of meeting May, 2009 were adopted.

3. Secretary’s Report:

a) The society has already presented four talks and four escorted tours on the waterfront to about seventy students kindergarten to grade five. Volunteers Ed, Monica, Joyce and Mike and Tom took part.

b) A local resident wishes to donate funds to create something which will honour the memory of another local resident who was a great supporter of Nature Bay Society (SABNES). Tom will convey the Board’s agreement to using the site of the site of the old former bird blind near the Osprey nest. The President of the Naturalist Club thought his club would have no objection to this idea.

c) The board expressed appreciation of Gary’s work in co-ordinating the ten volunteers from the BC Access Centre (provincial Government office) who, after work , had sanded and painted the log picnic tables. Gary will approach either Cam or volunteers to apply a second coat of paint.

4. Treasurer’s Report:

Mike stated he would soon be taking money out of the building reserve for Cam’s wages as the AGM had authorized. The building has been repaired economically (roof and under floor supports)  and the need for the building reserve is no longer urgent. Current account shows a balance of $3563.82.

A bill for about $57 for corporate recognition in the Friday AM is still to come.

Mike organized that several board members will meet at his residence opposite the Club tennis courts on Okanagan to listen to Foundation Research on Wed June 24 at 2:00 pm. This may enhance our grant searches.

5. Brochures:

Hanne has distributed the new brochures to various locations and more places were suggested.

6. Membership:

Cameron agreed to place at the each end of trail and outside the Interpretive Centre the laminated signs acknowledging corporate sponsors. A summer soliciting for membership is needed.

7. Web cam:

There was still no news on the soliciting of advertising.

8. T-shirt project:

It was agreed to order more in a variety of popular sizes.

9. Interpretive Centre:

Cam Bennett gave a very positive oral report on his first ten days in the Centre. The board brain-stormed ideas for the future:

  • handouts one for walkers and one for boaters;
  • contact Sandy Point with pamphlets to hand out to seadoo users;
  • best hours for opening;
  • best hours for nature walks;
  • how to advertise these;
  • keep a daily log;
  • seek interview and publicity by Observer, Lakeshore News and Friday AM.;
  • write articles for these outlets;
  • volunteers occasionally look after  centre  to enable Cam to be on the wharf;
  • best times for this;
  • make a poster for display around time with photo of the building for easy recognition;
  • advertise that we have the best taxidermy display between Banff and Vancouver; 
  • contact seniors’ homes and lodges offering talks on the waterfront at the centre or at the seniors’ residence;
  • contact D’Arcy and help improve the web site especially re plants (see Gary Carder’s photos);
  • put on website species of birds seen in high weeks for each season;
  • maintain old signs and create new ones;
  • contact Monica Dahl re Young Naturalist Club;
  • contact local camps re including nature talks on schedule;
  • close liaison with City Information Centre;
  • clear of reed canary grass for grebes to access lagoon near Heronview;
  • exterior display of recent weeks species high counts as observed by Ted Hillary and summarized by Tom.

10. Buoys:

Tom has sent a letter of appreciation to Salmon Community Association for their grant of $1200.

Ron made arrangement with Hanne and others to position four buoys with 200 lb anchors on Saturday June 20, meeting at 9:00 am at Captain’s Cove, Canoe.

11. Student research:

Tom will contact the science staff at the College and invite research projects on the Waterfront.

12. Insurance:

Mike reported that the insurance coverage has been raised from $29 to $40,000 on the building and from $10 to $12000 on the contents.

13. Workshop:

Ron has booked a place at the Workshop on Sustainable Planning and Green Bylaws on June 23 from 9:30 and 3:30 and requested a representative to attend all day or part day to spell him off.

14. Constitution:

Joyce raised the issue of changing the constitution to increase the number of elected members since two groups have not named their appointees(Ministry of Environment and Down Town Improvement Association). The secretary will write reminding these two groups of the vacancy.

15. Viewing Tower:

Ed suggested seeking funding for a raised platform in metal (vandalism concern) in Peter Jannink Park where the bird blind has now been removed. Ron will consider designs. Tom will look for catalogues of used structure which may be available.

16 Date of next meetings: Wednesday July 15, and Aug 19, 2009.

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