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Why SABNES needs donations:
SABNES has no regular source of income. Maintenance and ongoing operation of facilities is mainly undertaken by unpaid members and friends of SABNES. However, materials must be purchased and some specialised labour hired. SABNES also needs funds to pay the student interpreters who staff the Nature Centre for about 10 weeks each year. Even with the help of Federal and Municipal grants, SABNES needs its own funds to cover between 20% and 30% of these costs.

Ways of making a SABNES donation:

1. By taking out a SABNES yearly membership

The basic SABNES $15 membership is deemed by Revenue Canada to be comprised of a $5 fee and a $10 donation. You can increase the donation portion by purchasing other types of membership. You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the donation.

2. By sending a cash donation directly to SABNES

A) Send an e-transfer to:



B) Please send your cheque payable to:

Box 27
Salmon Arm, BC
V1E 4N2

3. By giving a material gift which is of direct benefit to SABNES

You would receive a tax receipt for the agreed value of the gift.

4. By sending a cash donation directly to the SABNES Endowment Fund
This fund is held by the Suswap Community Foundation and is invested and managed by third party professionals. Each year, part of the fund is distributed as income to SABNES. However, due to investment growth and the cumulative effect of more donations, SABNES is assured of an increasing stream of revenue in perpetuity. To make this donation please send your cheque payable to:

Shuswap Community Foundation
Box 624
450 Lakeshore Drive, Salmon Arm, BC
V1E 4N7

Pleasemark on your cheque that you wish to place the donation in the SABNES ENDOWMENT FUND. The Shuswap Community Foundation will send you a tax receipt.