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Brighouse Nature Centre
 Interpreter Positions

The Salmon Arm Bay Nature Enhancement Society (SABNES) has openings for one college student and one recent high school grad to do wildlife interpretation along the Salmon Arm Wharf, Nature Bay Trail and within the Nature Centre. Experience is valuable but most important are a passion for the natural world and feeling comfortable guiding small groups and individuals of all ages. Visitors to the Centre are locals, other Canadians and tourists world-wide.

One position is full-time with flexible hours to be shared with one part-time person with a view to keeping the Centre open seven days a week. Duration will be applicants’ end of term for summer break in June through to the beginning of their fall term in late August.

Responsibilities include monitoring Foreshore Trail use. SABNES Board members will be available for consultation throughout the summer.

The Nature Centre is adjacent to the Peace Park and the parking lots on the way to the wharf in downtown Salmon Arm. 

If you are interested in one of these positions please contact Janet Aitken at janetaitken1@gmail.com or Judith Benson at judith.ann.benson@gmail.com for more details.